Commercial PACE

CCG PACE Funding 完成了 1500 万美元的 C-PACE 融资,用于建造费城海军造船厂的 57 号楼

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Wednesday, September 1, 2021 CONTACT:Paul Hoffman  CCG PACE Funding, LLC 310.335.2040 (office) or 310.420.1713 (cell) [email protected] Lisa Shulock费城能源局215.880.8298 (cell)[email protected] CCG PACE FUNDING CLOSES $15 MILLION IN C-PACE FINANCING FOR BUILDING 57 IN PHILADELPHIA’S NAVY YARD The largest C-PACE financing in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania  Philadelphia, PA — The Navy Yard Building 57 (“Building 57”), home to Rhoads […]

标志性的 Philly Met 使用 C-PACE 为费城的能源效率投资提供 600 万美元的追溯融资

PHILADELPHIA ENERGY AUTHORITYFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDATE: NOVEMBER 23, 2020 CONTACT:Lisa Shulock, 费城能源局215-880-8298 (cell)[email protected] 标志性的 Philly Met 使用 C-PACE 为费城的能源效率投资提供 600 万美元的追溯融资 Philadelphia, November 23, 2020 – The 费城能源局, Enhanced Capital  and EB Realty Management (“EBRM”), owners of The Met, announced today the financial […]

City 宣布新的太阳能 EZ 许可证,从而获得额外 250 美元的 Solarize Philly 折扣

For immediate release: October 13, 2020 Published by:Office of Sustainability, Office of the Mayor Contact: Mayor’s Office of Communications [email protected] PHILADELPHIA — The City’s Department of Licenses and Inspections announced significant changes today that will streamline the process of installing solar in Philadelphia. The changes make Philadelphia a more solar-friendly city by allowing solar projects to use a new EZ Permit for […]